CES 2013 and The Internet of Things

I'm writing this post, firstly to talk about how AlertMe technology will be featuring at CES this year but also to point you to a very relevant view on the key success factors for the Internet of Things at CES 2013. Last year at CES when we announced our partnership with the huge US retailer Lowe's, there was a… Read more

The next phase of the internet – connecting ‘things’

Over the next five years we will be beginning to manage our homes in the cloud. Getting access to our information and monitoring our energy use, controlling devices and automating appliances when we are not there will be commonplace. Of course the ‘Smart Home’ has been talked about before but it’s now that the catalysts… Read more

The next big, digital economy is in ‘Smart Energy’

The energy market is undergoing a major transformation. It’s moving towards a so-called Smart Grid, which will not only manage supply and demand of energy more effectively, but also integrate new, lower-carbon sources of electricity. This sort of transformation comes with massive infrastructure investment, often influenced by government policy. That can be a good thing.… Read more

Play your own version of “Energy Monopoly”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own energy generator and supplier? If you have considered solar panels but found your home is not suitable or that you do not have the £10,000 free cash to install panels then Abundance Generation and Coop Energy may have the answer. Abundance Generation… Read more

Why ‘Big Data’ will help you save millions on your energy bills

You might have seen it in the news already this morning – AlertMe has teamed up with British Gas to provide a Personalised Energy Efficiency Advice Service to British Gas customers who have smart meters in the UK. We’re kicking off in Summer 2012 with up to 10,000 homes and rolling out UK-wide in the Autumn. Check… Read more
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