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Technical questions

Which wireless network does my system run on?

AlertMe runs on the ZigBee wireless network which is a mesh based system, using this for communication between the devices and the SmartHub. The ZigBee network is a very low powered, low information network; for this reason the batteries in our devices are designed to work longer than on a Wi-Fi network.

The range of signal is comparable to the range of Wi-Fi, allowing it to easily connect to and work with all of the AlertMe devices in your home. The SmartHome technology works as a mesh network with self-healing properties, making it more robust and allowing greater flexibility to find the best route as conditions change, such as doors being opened or closed, and adding new accessories.

Are your products compatible with the Zigbee Home Automation profile? Do they use the standard ZCL commands?

The products are not HA compliant and for that reason, our devices use AlertMe-specific ZCL commands.

Is ZigBee polarisation horizontal, vertical or circular?

Zigbee uses linear polarisation. However this will not affect device location or signal strength as it is highly isotropic and indoor propagation is typically multi-bounce which will mix up the polarisation at the receiver antenna anyway.

Therefore, how ZigBee is polarised will not affect the SmartHome technology within your home.

Which chips does the SmartHome technology use?

AlertMe uses ZigBee chips, manufactured by Ember. EM260 is used in the SmartHub and EM250 is used in the devices.

Can I modify my AlertMe SmartHub or devices?

Our devices have all been certified to international safety and radio emissions standards and we don't recommend modifying or tampering with them. If you change or modify them, you could lose all that protection. In the US, you could even void your authority from the FCC to use them.

Will I lose energy data if my SmartHub is offline?

The SmartHub has a 2MB buffer to store device data, so if your SmartHub is out of contact with our servers it is still able to store about 10 days worth of data from one device.

Once full, the oldest data will be overwritten.

The router light for my SmartHub connection has gone from Green to Orange / Yellow - why is this?

We recently made a change to the SmartHub connection speed - it was 100mbs and is now 10mb so the port colour on your router will have changed colour to reflect this change. (AlertMe does not need 100mbs and runs more efficiently at 10mbs).

Regulatory compliance?

Our regulatory compliance document can be found here.