Switch off big bills forever and switch on SmartEnergy use

Switch off big bills forever

and switch on SmartEnergy use

All for only £49.99

Switch off big bills forever and switch on SmartEnergy use

Switch off big bills forever

and switch on SmartEnergy use

All for only £49.99

Stop wasting energy, start saving money

SmartEnergy gives you real-time and historical visibility of energy use in your home, giving you greater control over your household costs and putting an end to bill shocks once and for all.


How does it work?

Install SmartEnergy easily and quickly yourself. A simple clamp and SmartMeter reader attaches to your home’s electricity meter. This will wirelessly and securely connect to the SmartHub, allowing you to see your energy usage throughout the day. SmartEnergy offers three ways to see your energy use:


  1. SmartDisplay in your home shows real-time energy use and costs
  2. Free iPhone app lets you check your usage costs while on the go
  3. Online dashboard with interactive widgets gives you complete control


How will I save money?

SmartEnergy helps you identify your home's energy-hungry habits. See how much you are consuming, turn appliances off and watch your costs fall instantly. Personalised energy-saving tips protect your pocket and start reducing your energy costs long before the utility bills hit the doormat.

What are the other benefits?

Automated power alerts show you when your energy surges, our cost prediction widget takes the sting out of those bills and our instant swingometer shows you how you're doing against your average power use. Plus, you can even see your home's carbon footprint by day, week, month or year. 


By adding SmartAccessories like SmartPlugs to your kit, you can see the cost of individual appliances such as dishwashers and tumble dryers. You can even remotely control your appliances when you’re on the move – peace of mind that you’ll never leave the iron on ever again.


No wires, no fuss – your SmartHub uses ZigBee technology to wirelessly communicate with your online dashboard and SmartDisplay. 


What does my SmartEnergy kit include?

SmartEnergy Hub
SmartMeter Reader
- FREE SmartDisplay (worth £29.99).


A flat rate of £4.99 P&P will be charged with any order.

Box size: L30, W20, D5.5cm. Weight:1.14kg.  


All for only £49.99

The way it works

Self install, it couldn’t be easier. Our SmartMeter Reader attaches to your home’s electricity meter, which wirelessly and securely connects to a SmartHub – allowing you to view information about your energy use anytime, anywhere.

Free iPhone App

For a handy way to help control your smart home while you're on the go, try our FREE iPhone App. See your home's energy usage and remotely control your home appliances, wherever you are.

See what you’re missing


Spend a minute on our Live Demo to see how you could start saving with SmartEnergy.